At There Ought to Be an App, we offer a wide range of classes to help students, hobbyists, and professionals develop their web development and app design skills.

Here is a brief description of each of our classes:

  • Introductory Classes: Our introductory classes cover the basics of UI Sketching, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Students will learn the basic of user interface elements such as navigation buttons, input fields, and selectors. They will also develop knowledge of the languages that make up most web applications.

These classes are in two parts Introductory I and Introductory II.

  • Intermediate Classes: Our intermediate classes build on the introductory classes and introduce more advanced topics such as advanced UI sketching, intro to Chat GPT coding, introduction to user stories, animations, storyboarding, and views. Students will also learn about data sources, databases, and APIs.

These classes are in two parts, Int
ermediate I and Intermediate II.

  • Advanced Classes: Our advanced classes provide custom coaching on the development of students' own custom app ideas. The beginning and intermediate classes are required as are basic sketches, user stories, storyboarding, and an understanding of the data sources and APIs used. Students will work with experienced project owners and developers on the nuances of their custom app's project specification and learn about prompt engineering.

  • Agile Project Management Class: This class is designed for web designers, full-stack developers, and computer science students who are interested in learning about Agile project management methodologies focused on Scrum / Kanban. The class will cover Scrum Project management in the first half, then an in depth description of Kanban development in practice for the second half.

  • Figma Basics Class: This class is designed for students who have completed the Beginning and Intermediate classes at There Ought to Be an App and are interested in learning how to use Figma, a popular design and prototyping tool, to design the front-end of a web application.

  • Data Sources and Back-End Class: This Intro to Data Sources and Backend class is available upon request from any student that has taken the beginning, intermediate and advanced classes and has a basic specification, including basic UI and user stories for their custom app written up. Students will learn the basics of back-end development and how to create a functional and efficient back-end for their custom app. They will also learn about API's, SQL databases and NoSQL databases, and how to implement them in their app.

  • Coming Soon! Intro to Computational Thinking, Intro to Bitcoin, Intro to Google Sites and WordPress, Intermediate Google Sites and WordPress, Individual Google Sites and WordPress classes!

We are always looking to improve and expand our class offerings, so if you're interested in learning about a topic that isn't listed above, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our classes!

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