Intro to Bitcoin

Have you been hearing about Bitcoin and want to get up to speed to see what the big deal is?

We've created a fun class to learn the basics of Bitcoin. Learn the history, technology, opportunities surrounding Bitcoin, open your first wallet and create a unique metal "Private Key"

Class Outline:

I. Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Overview of Bitcoin and its history

  • How Bitcoin works and its key features

  • Benefits and potential uses of Bitcoin

II. Setting up a Bitcoin Wallet

  • Types of wallets and how to choose the right one for you

  • Setting up and securing your wallet

  • Sending and receiving Bitcoin

III. Purchasing your first Bitcoins

  • Finding a reputable exchange or marketplace

  • How to buy and sell Bitcoin

  • Understanding the current market and price trends

IV. Securing your Bitcoin

  • Importance of keeping your private key secure

  • Best practices for storing and protecting your private key

  • Metal stamping your private key as a keepsake

V. Conclusion

  • Summary of key takeaways

  • Additional resources for further learning and staying updated on the latest developments in the Bitcoin world

  • Q&A session.

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